One to one mentorship for May 2024/ November 2024 attempt By CA Supriya Samant

One to one mentorship for May 2024/ November 2024 attempt By CA Supriya Samant


Applicable for the Attempt For all attempts
Faculty Name CA Supriya Samant
Format Live lectures
Study Material Live lectures
For Hard Copy Study Material, provide details (e.g. No. of Books, Hand Written Books, Colorful Books, Xerox Copies, No. of pages etc) Live lectures with gudided audiofiles
Total No. of Lectures 9 hours for 3 months program/ 3 hours for 1 month program
Total No. of Hrs NA (Live 1 to 1 session)
Views Per Lecture NA (Live 1 to 1 session)
Times Per Lecture Hour Based Restriction Per Lecture on time basis (unlimited Click option)
Video Language English, Hindi
Fast Forward Option Provided NA (Live 1 to 1 session)
Fast Forward – if “Yes” provide details (E.g. 1.0 x, 1.2 x, 1.5x etc) NA (Live 1 to 1 session)
Validity (in Months OR provide date) NA (Live 1 to 1 session)
Recording NA (Live 1 to 1 session)
Topics Covered Weekly details given below

  1. Weekly Goal Tracking of various subjects
  2. Exam Preparation Strategies
  3. Yogic Meditative Exercises
  4. Techniques to Limit Digital Distraction
  5. Motivational CounsellingThis program will help you:
    1. Improve concentration levels and focus
    2. Study for 8-10 hours daily consistently
    3. Create and follow an effective study plan
    4. Analyze your weak areas and strategically plan to tackle them
    5. Drastically reduce the unproductive digital time (social media/entertainment/gaming)
    6. Track your overall performance at a weekly/monthly level
    7. Memorize and revise more effectively to retain the subject
    8. Create and implement a subject-wise strategy to clear the exams
    9. Overcome procrastination and negativity during the study period.
    10.  Discover innovative ways to study depending on your type of understanding

    This is a live program and will not be available offline through recordings.

How the Doubt clearing session will be available? WhatsApp / Call
How the amendment will be provided? NA
Video Runs on: Computer/Laptop/Mobile Computer / Laptop / Android
Computer/Laptop/Mobile – System Requirement Home Premium Service Pack 1 or above, Windows 7 8, 8.1 10. 2 GB Ram, Android Mobile Only except Motorola devices.
If Test Series Provided, Mention complete details NA
If Providing Charts, Mention details. NA
Dispatch (Partly OR Complete). If its partly dispatch, mention dispatch schedule 24 Hrs. from order place




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