CA Siddharth Surana

CA Siddharth Surana

  • Dear Surana sir, I am very fortunate that I learned direct tax from you. There is
    no doubt about your teaching skills but apart from that your approach towards
    your students about how to tackle the googly of Institute and telling your student
    from day 1 about how to read the question is of great help. Your most helpful
    tips are 1) each word has enough potential to change the answer and 2) to
    translate the question in your mother tongue is very helpful in all subjects. I can
    never forget the example of block of asset (nana patekar, krantiveer) and yes
    your example helps to recollect the whole concept within seconds. Thank you sir
    for everything.


  • First of all, thank you for taking this subject “ international taxation” because I
    had no idea about paper six, what should I do, from where should I study and
    all. But now atleast I have a broad idea about this subject. Chapters like DTAA,
    NRI taxation, I won’t forget in my entire life because of the examples which you
    gave. Studying tax with you is like pleasure all because the examples which you
    give. So thank you sir for teaching me so well.

    Amit chaurasia

  • I started teaching in college as a lecturer just the way you teach I do the same.
    Im just representing you your way as of teaching, subject which I got is also
    taxation you made it as my favoriate subject. I get lots of love from my students
    just because of you thank you sir.


  • Innovative teaching. Clarity of concepts. Detailed discussion of all
    topics…motivation to perform. Enjoyed each class of DT thank you for making a
    subject that I thought was difficult, but is now my favourite! Saw another side
    of the subject because of you. Thank you for rectifying our errors and patiently guiding us through the entire learning process. The 13 days spent in learning DT will always be cherished.

    Shefari Kotian (DT Crash Course)

  • Dear Dani Sir, Thank you for making PM in DKC format as I am used to do this subject from your material, Now it’s easy for me to do PM without changing method of solving the same. Thank you once again…Have done 1st part , waiting for the subsequent parts. Thanks

    Mital Monani

  • In easy way to solve difficult sum, Your method very easy compare to pm method Salute from all rajkotian CA final student..

    Janki From Rajkot

  • Hi I am Bhargav from Rajkot Gujarat,I would like to give feedback on Dani sir 📙 Book contains very good presentations for solving sums in different different formats e. g. chart 📊 presentation short notes and calculations. easy to understand concepts and revision is very easy. taking care of maintaining uniformity in format as much as possible. thanks for smart work for us.

    Bhargav Nathwani

  • Thankyou sir

    Thanks a tonne sir

    PM in DkC format is just awesome.

    Earlier also i had said this, now again i m repeating the same line for u

    “If COSTING is a ‘Religion’, than you are GOD of it”.

    Without you it wont be possible to complete the subject with high confidence

    Thankyou sir.