CA Inter Audit,Law,EIS-SM,Combos by CA Mohit Agarwal [Full Course]

CA Inter Audit,Law,EIS-SM,Combos by CA Mohit Agarwal [Full Course]


Applicable for the Attempt Nov 2020
Faculty Name CA Mohit Agarwal
Format Hard Disk (Charged extra by Rs.4000/- for 1 hard disk of 1 TB & also on returnable basis) /
Pendrive / Google Drive
Study Material Hard Copy
For Hard Copy Study Material, provide details (e.g. No. of Books, Hand Written Books, Colorful Books, Xerox Copies, No. of pages etc) 3 Mats for each subject including Multi coloured Mats.
Total No. of Lectures
Auditing & Assurance 59 Classes Approx.
Corporate & Other Law 66 Classes Approx.
EIS & SM SM : 15 Classes Approx.
Total No. of Hours 2 Hours Each Approx.
Views Per Lecture (Opening & Closing of Videos) 2 Views
Times Per Lecture (Hour Based Restriction Per Lecture) NA
Video Language English-Hindi
Fast Forward Option Provided Yes
Fast Forward – if “Yes” provide details (E.g. 1.0 x, 1.2 x, 1.5x etc) 1.5 X
Validity (in Months OR provide date) 6 Months
Recording NA
Topics Covered Full Syllabus
How the Doubt clearing session will be available? For clearing your doubts, you can mail us in:
Or you can whatsapp us at + 91 80175 67120For Technical Issues – Call us on 9330325002/9330329934 or mail us in
(during Monday to Saturday between 10am to 6pm)
How the amendment will be provided? Necessary amendments if any will be provided
Video Runs on: Computer/Laptop/Mobile Laptop (Only Windows Platform)

Android Phone (Not below Android version 6 and also not supported in IOS / Apple
phone) is required for an Application (which we provide at the time of admission in your
Google drive) for playing video classes in your Laptop.

Computer/Laptop/Mobile – System Requirement Windows 7 (Ultimate & Professional) 4 GB RAM & 64-Bit Operating System, To
Include Windows Versions 8, 8.1, And Win 10. (Processor Core to Duo or Higher
• The laptop (not available in Desktop /Projector/TV/Any External Display), Temp
files should be deleted from C Drive, and should not have several movies, files, etc
on its hard disk.
• Ear phone, for better concentration and audio quality.
• Internet connection will be required through entire time when you play videos.
If Test Series Provided, Mention complete details NA
If Providing Charts, Mention details. NA
Required Documents
Dispatch (Partly OR Complete). If its partly dispatch, mention dispatch schedule • Study Material will be dispatched to the address within 2 – 3 Working Days from the
date of order placed.
• Lecture will be dispatched GOOGLE DRIVE/ PEN DRIVES / HARD DISK
within 3 -4 working days.
• We here by inform you CLASSES / PEN DRIVES / HARD DISK & STUDY MATS
/ BOOKS will be dispatched separately.
• Delivery charges are inclusive to the price of classes mentioned
Demo Lectures Link (For promotions on You Tube)
Book Images Link NA
Before Purchase Mandatory Details (a) Disable- Remote Desktop Connection from control pan
(b) Uninstall- Antivirus – McAfee/ Avast / Avg or any other free wares are not
Turn off windows firewall if not using any antivirus.
* During the time the videos are being played on your system.
* Prefer to use only Quick heal or Kaspersky Antivirus (Paid version).

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