CA Final DT+International taxation,SCMPE,IDT,FR,SFM,Auditing,Economics Laws

CA Final DT+International taxation,SCMPE,IDT,FR,SFM,Auditing,Economics Laws

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Applicable for the Attempt May-2022
Faculty Name CA Siddharth Surana – DT+ International Taxation
CA Dani Khandelwal – SCMPE
CA Yachana Mutha,CMA Tarun Raj – IDT
CA Vishesh Jain – FR
CA Ankit Sarvaiya – SFM
CA Amit Tated – Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics
CA Karthik Iyer – Corporate & Other Economics Laws
Format Google Drive and Hard copy Books
Study Material Provided In Hard Copy
For Hard Copy Study Material, provide details (e.g. No. of Books, Hand Written Books, Colorful Books, Xerox Copies, No. of pages etc) DT – Total 4 Books,1 theory & summary,1 MCQ,1 summary book 1 & A Complier,1 hand written book
SCMPE – 2 Book (Question Book & Solution Book For Full Course)
FR – Hard copy
SFM – 1 Book (Blank & White )
Audit – 3 Hard Copy (Volume – 1 & 2) And Revision Book
Corporate & Other Economics laws –
1 colorful book consists of 238 pages

By CA Yachana Mutha -Colored Notes for GST and Customs in Hard copy
– Question Bank ( Questions from module, RTP, MTP and MCQ) in soft copy
– Summary Book for Revision in soft copy
By CMA Tharun Raj 1. 2 Volumes of resources book (Black and white)
2. Summary Pocket Book (Colour)
3. Solved work Book


Total No. of Lectures SCMPE- 70 lectures

By CMA Tharun Raj – 45-50 lectures
Total No. of Hrs DT- 180 Hrs.
SCMPE- 74 hrs.
FR- 130 Hrs.
SFM- 75 Hrs.   
110 Hrs. 
Economics Laws- 
 80 Hrs.
IDT – 

By CMA Tharun Raj 150 Hrs
By Yachana Mutha GST : 70 hrs
Custom : 25 hrs.
FTP: 5 hrs.
Total : 100 hours with question bank discussion after every chapter
Additional 15 Hrs. Revision videos will be provided 1 Month before Exams in google drive link.
Views Per Lecture (Opening & Closing of Videos) DT – 1.5 Views
SCMPE – 5 Views
FR- 2 Views
SFM- 2 Views
Audit- 1.5 Views
Economics Laws-  2 Views
IDT  –

By CMA Tharun Raj 2 Views
By Yachana Mutha 1.5 Views
Times Per Lecture (Hour Based Restriction Per Lecture) NA
Video Language English-Hindi
Fast Forward Option Provided NA
Fast Forward – if “Yes” provide details (E.g. 1.0 x, 1.2 x, 1.5x etc) NA
Validity (in Months OR provide date) IDT – 6 Months
SCMPE – 6 Months
DT – 6 Months
FR- 1 Year
SFM- 1 Year
Audit- 1 Year
Economics Laws-  180 Days
Recording DT – July to Sept 2021
SCMPE – Feb-19
IDT – 2021,May 2021
FR- Latest 2020 recording
SFM- Jan 19
Audit- Latest 2020 recording
Economics Laws- Mar-21
Topics Covered All as Per ICAI Syllabus
How the Doubt clearing session will be available? Whatsapp / Call
How the amendment will be provided? NA
Video Runs on: Computer/Laptop/Mobile Computer / Laptop
Computer/Laptop/Mobile – System Requirement NA
If Test Series Provided, Mention complete details NA
If Providing Charts, Mention details. NA
Dispatch (Partly OR Complete). If its partly dispatch, mention dispatch schedule Complete, within 48 hrs.
Demo Lectures Link (For promotions on You Tube) DT –
IDT – , ,,
FR –
Audit –
Books Images Link NA
Before Purchase mandatory link NA

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