CA Inter Auditing and Assurance by Pankaj Garg [Concise Study Material]

CA Inter Auditing and Assurance by Pankaj Garg [Concise Study Material]



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  • Author : Pankaj Garg
  • Edition : 7th Edition
  • ISBN No : 9789390585076
  • Weight (Kgs) : 0.77
  • No. of papers : 476


This book serves as a guide for students for the subject on ‘Auditing & Assurance’, under the New Scheme of Education and Training


The Present Publication authored by Pankaj Garg, is the 7th Edition for New Syllabus (Updated till 31-10-2020), with the following noteworthy features:

  • Coverage of this book includes:

o   Past Exam Questions till November 2020

  • May 2019 Exam; Suggested Answers; Part II (Descriptive Questions)
  • November 2019 Exam; Suggested Answers; Part II (Descriptive Questions)
  • November 2020 Exam; Suggested Answers; Part II (Descriptive Questions)

o   Questions from RTPs and MTPs of ICAI

o   Chapter-wise marks distribution

o   Questions for every topic for easy understanding

o   Approx. 760 Questions with Case Studies including 250+ objective questions with Hints for Self-Practice

o   As per revised syllabus announced by ICAI

  • [Student-Oriented Book] The author has developed this book, keeping in mind the following factors:

o   Interaction of the authors with his/her students, with specific emphasis on difficulties faced by students in the examinations

o   Shaped by the authors experience of teaching the subject matter at different levels

o   Reaction and responses of students have also been incorporated at different places in the book

  • Also Available:

o   [7th Edition] of Taxmann’s Cracker on Auditing & Assurance (New Syllabus)

o   [1st Edition] of Taxmann’s Class Notes on Auditing & Assurance

  • Contents of this book are as follows:

o   Nature, Object and Scope of Audit

o   Audit Strategy, Audit Planning & Audit Programme

o   Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence

o   Risk Assessment and Internal Control

o   Fraud and Responsibilities of the Author

o   Audit in an Automated Environment

o   Audit Sampling

o   Analytical Procedures

o   Audit of Items of Financial Statements

o   Company Audit

o   Audit Reports

o   Audit of Banks

o   Audit of Different Types of Entities

o   Standards on Auditing

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